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At HSI we have made a commitment to be the technical leader in our industry. We have achieved our dominant position in this area through continued investment in engineering personnel, the latest design tools, advanced inspection and testing technology, and ongoing R&D projects.

Exceeding Industry Standards

Using the most up to date design technology including solid modeling, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics, our team of engineers is constantly improving our blowers and exhausters. Through participation in ASME, API, WEF, NACE, ISO and other standards writing organizations we remain current with the developments in the industry and the requirements of our customers. All of our technical innovations are thoroughly tested using our ASME PTC-10 compliant test lab.

Computer Aided Drafting & Solid Modeling Design

The basis for an effective program of computer simulated design is a powerful and flexible three dimensional solid modeling capability. At HSI we use the industry leading Inventor package by AutoDesk®. This technology gives us major advantages including: complete three dimensional visualization, immediate understanding of the impact of design changes on the whole machine, greatly reduced design cycle times, compatibility with our vendors’ computer aided manufacturing systems, improved drawings for our customers and complete interface with the latest CFD and FEA design packages.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The Ansys Mechanical™ finite element analysis software package and the solid models created in Inventor™ allow our engineers to quickly investigate design issues and initiate improvements which would be impractical to pursue without these tools. We use FEA for materials selection, rotor modal analysis, critical speed calculations, torsional analysis, stress concentration identification, high cycle fatigue analysis, crack propagation simulation, frequency response calculations and wall thickness optimization.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

One of the most powerful design technologies available is Computational Fluid Dynamics. Simulations that were too cumbersome just five years ago are now routine. We use the most advanced software available on the market today which include NREC Concepts – Compal® and Axcent® for cutting edge impeller design, In addition, we use CFDesign® package by Blue Ridge Numerics which interfaces with AutoDesk® Inventor™ to enable our engineers to quickly iterate our solid model designs based on extensive CFD “what-if?”” analysis. CFD allows us to optimize blower performance and efficiency by analyzing velocity distributions and flow patterns in order to eliminate recirculation zones, reduce convergence losses and minimize flow stagnation areas among other items. Also, with CFD, we are able to analyze flow stream thermodynamic effects on the physical properties of the materials we select.

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