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Blower Testing Facilities

Every new design we develop, as well as every blower we build, is tested in our automated, ASME PTC-10 compliant test lab. It is this validation that completes the design cycle and ensures that we meet the design objectives we set for ourselves. Also, because we test every blower we build, this facility is an important component of our Quality Management System, allowing us to monitor and maintain product quality over the long haul. We are committed to a test facility that will allow us to meet the needs of customers world wide.

State of the art blower testing

Some highlights of our test capabilities are: power capacity up to 2,000 hp, variable frequency drives, multiple voltages from 230 to 10,000, ASME PTC-10 performance testing, in line torque meter, vibration analysis, sound testing, real time automated data collection and ample accommodations for test witnessing.

In addition to final product testing we perform a number of in-process tests such as incoming parts inspection, materials testing, hydrostatic pressure testing, blower leak testing, impeller and rotor dynamic balance testing as well as any required testing.

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