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Centrifugal Blowers & Exhaust Applications

Pneumatic Conveying

HSI has designed pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying systems to meet a variety of applications. Pneumatic conveying can be used to move any dry bulk material, including powders, granular forms, chips and pellets.


Water & Waste-Water Treatment

HSI offers complete blower and process control systems for a host of applications in water and wastewater applications such as water treatment blowers and waste water process control systems. 


Petroleum & Chemical Industry

HSI has references with the major engineering companies and the top petrochem customers in the world. Our engineering and technology design team can custom engineer products to meet the most demanding specifications.


Central Vacuum Systems

HSI blowers are used in a variety of vacuum or exhauster applications. Our product design offers reliable performance with minimal vibration.


General Industrial

HSI incorporates designs that cover a wide array of applications. Heavy-duty cast iron and cast impellers allow for low vibration, OSHA compliant sound levels, and vastly superior reliability as compared to other type of blowers for a variety of applications.



HSI is the leading supplier of Landfill Gas blowers in the world and has incorporated many design features to allow for exceptional durability and reliability in the harshest of conditions. We allow many special seals, drain ports, and coatings to your unique application.

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