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Efficient City WWTP video game is a character driven single-player simulation and training game that is set in a modern world wastewater treatment plant. The player takes control of Joe, a waste water management facility manager.

As Joe, it is your mission to control and maintain the facility during both normal operations and various adverse events.  The game moves in accelerated speeds as compared to a real life scenario and events are exaggerated to make a better gaming experience while still teaching basic concepts of saving energy.

The goal of this game is to teach you how to SAVE ENERGY!

KEY Energy Saving Concepts within the game

About the Game

Welcome to the Efficient City, USA where you are newly appointed as a manager of the city's main waste water treatment facility.  On the first day of your job, the Mayor specifically asks you to accomplish two important tasks:  Manage the facility without destroying it and run the facility as efficiently possible to save city's electric bill.

When you arrive there, your workers inform you that the two previous managers were unsuccessful.  The first one failed to manage the water's dissolved oxygen level successfully, causing the appearance of various monsters.  His repeated failures caused water quality to drop to unacceptable levels triggering an unbearable odor to rise and damage to the local environment.

Another predecessor was better in doing his job as the dissolved oxygen level was always maintained and the water quality was constantly maintained. However, under his management, the electric bill for the facility was substantially above the expectation for the facility.

You, as Joe, are tapped to manage the facility within the required specifications in a power-conscious way.  You learn that the existing equipment is antiquated and must be upgraded to improve efficiency.  Of course, initially you do not have much funding to get them, so you need to undergo iterations of managing the facility efficiently and safely to get rewards to replace old blowers and controls with HSI products.

Your final score will see how effectively you maintained your effluent quality and how much energy you used to accomplish this.


In a typical city's total power bill, more than a third is used in the aeration process in the wastewater treatment plant serving the population. This game has the ability to inform and educate wastewater facility managers and operators the importance of proper control methods to save significant amount of electricity for the city. Furthermore, it can be used as an awareness tool to the general public and local governments about the potential to save significant amount of electricity by controlling the blower and aeration processes properly and how upgrading blower and control technology offers substantial efficiency improvement.

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