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Blower & Exhauster Products

ZM Series Multistage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters
Heavy duty, cast iron, vertically split multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters. Flow ranges from 100 to 40,000 CFM (170 to 70,000 m3/hr). and pressures to 25 PSI (1.7 Bar) pressure or to 18 inHg (457 mmHg) vacuum.


HT Series High Speed Turbo Blower
Revolutionary air bearing design supported on a single shaft with integrated variable frequency drive and motor offers high efficiencies, lower sound, and virtually no maintenance. Flow ranges from 10 to 10,000 SCFM ( 15 to 15,000 m3/hr). and pressures to 25 psi (1.7 bar) through the entire range of operation.


Blower Control Systems
HSI offers the latest technology for blower and exhauster control systems for all your air or gas applications. Single local control systems, multiple unit systems or complete process control to safely operate your application while maximizing total power efficiency.


Blower Accessories
HSI offers everything you need to complete your blower or exhauster system. From Filters, motors, controls, valves, expansion joints, and motor starters we have the experience and knowledge to replace or upgrade your current accessories.


Remanufactured Hoffman® & Lamson® Blowers
HSI has been servicing and manufacturing “new” aftermarket parts for Hoffman® and Lamson® (now Gardner Denver®) Blowers for over 20 years. No one does it better, has more experience or does it faster!


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