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Blower Control Systems

HSI offers the latest technology for blower and exhauster control systems for all your air or gas applications. Our engineers have develop our own copyrighted control logic to operate and protect the blower as well as maximize power efficiency. These systems can be interface with any plant SCADA communication system and meet the most demanding specifications.

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Offering the most efficient blower is only part of a total reliability and energy solution for your application. By supplying a complete control system developed specifically for your application by the blower company itself offers single point responsibility as well as the advantage of maximizing your energy efficiency. Guaranteed.

In addition to our standard controllers our engineers can create a custom control system for your application that offers the most efficient power consumption over varying performance demands. Please call our applications group to consult on your next application.

Process Control Systems

HSI has also developed a host of process control systems to integrate with our standard controllers. We can connect to virtually any plant network DCS. Our control systems are designed to operate to satisfy or maintain any process input variable.

Flow control – HSI controllers can operate blowers more efficiently than most of today’s outdates pressure control systems. By matching flow to actual demand, HIS can lower the overall header pressure to reduce kw usage as compared to pressure controlled systems.

Dissolved oxygen control – HSI is particularly experienced at delivering the right amount of flow to satisfy the varying level of dissolved oxygen in wastewater treatment applications. Our controllers offer greater efficiency than traditional control concepts by more closely matching flow with demand.

Mostly Open Valve Control Logic (MOV) – In applications with multiple points of use off a common header, HSI offers a MOV system control to ensure that the level of flow are properly balanced in order to meet each point’s particular need while maximizing overall energy efficiency

Pressure Control – In applications that require constant pressure, the blower control system will react to satisfy any predetermined pressure set point.

SCADA Interface – Let our experience go to work for you in designing the best interface possible 

Additional Control Accessories

HSI offers total system responsibility by offering additional control devices all pre-engineered and guaranteed to work with our control system. We can integrate local control panels with motor starters such as variable frequency drive, soft starters, or full voltage starters. This can reduce installation time as the control and drive are completely pre-wired and assembled. We can also pre-wire and mount control panel on each blower skid to reduce installation cost and time. Additional control devices include:

HSI also provides a complete array of aftermarket parts and services for multistage centrifugal blowers, including in-factory blower overhauls & rerates, on-site blower troubleshooting & repair, and preventive maintenance plans.

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